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Majestic Saffron is a full market coverage Saffron agency. Majestic Saffron is the parent company of both ABAC Holland B.V. and (see:

We offer a full-service saffron agency to help you coordinate all your growing efforts and leave you free to run your business.      

​Majestic Saffron offers multiple Saffron product and services

Majestic Saffron produces multiple Saffron products for local growers, retail companies and wholesale.

Majestic Saffron specializes in meeting the needs of their customers through dedicated teams experienced in the particular demands of specific market sectors.

We are a Social and Solidarity Company. We do everything we can to offer innovative and transparent resources and services to support the Saffron and Crocus sativus growers.
What is served to you? Concentrate Saffron in capsules or Saffron cake without Saffron? Saffron from Tulips or Saffron washed from seed? Or do you prefer real Saffron from areas where the Saffron Crocus comes into its best. Since its foundation, Majestic Saffron & Partners has pursued the following major objectives: developing short chains, striving to find the flavor of the Saffron, and promoting Transparency in the food chain, to combat Climate Change and to improve the Links between consumers and producers.

Consumers, Saffron growers and craft end producers will contribute to the emergence of a production and distribution system that is more human, ecological and fairer.

As far as our Saffron intake is concerned, the challenges are fundamental and very complex: our health, the environment, the employment, the landscape, culture, social ties ... Majestic Saffron & Partners wants to bring the right and correct information together for producers and consumers, to join together our nutrition and improve its production or even reinvent it here and there.

In addition, Majestic Saffron has a role to play in establishing successful collaborations in the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas in many agricultural communities in regions worldwide where there are enormous problems that seem insurmountable. Large-scale changes are not always the solution for the local farming community.

Small-scale changes can already have large-scale consequences. O.a. in the field of water use, crop protection based on the use of "natural enemies", the use of land in more ways at the same time and with a greater diversity of crops that can be grown in the immediate vicinity without having to carry out theft on the environment and the ground . Everything is aimed at restoring and promoting the necessary diversity, in which the same country yields much more and the quality of the soil is steadily improved or the soil is enriched to make the rotation of crops possible.

Our approach is that of the human dimension and based on realistic dreams for the small farmer, who - often in an organized context - can develop into a small, healthy but at the same time indispensable link in systems to guarantee food security and food safety for his own environment. own community, gradually his own region. Clear and controllable, but at the same time with sufficient growth opportunities.

All this based on the learning model "Learning by doing", where in practice is shown what is possible, after which those who want and can do this can be taught more by offering theoretical material. In this order and not the other way around, because theoretical lessons in themselves do not yield food, and it is also good when the farmer observes through his own observations what his own soil can yield and what is needed to bring about an improvement. He can first observe, discuss and assess this himself. Any innovations (which are new to him) can be applied on a limited scale to one or more locations. If it gives a better yield, that is positive and farmers can implement the example. Seeing is believing and doing follow.

What does that mean in practice? The approach of Majestic Saffron & Partners

Many small farmers are not taken seriously, and that is why many people are already dropping in advance, do not join in directly, and often years are lost. An open, equal relationship and exchange of practical knowledge on the basis of years of experience often results in the most fruitful cooperation, which leads to tangible and sustainable improvements the fastest. A good example of this from our practice. In Afghanistan our experts have set up a practical training center for often illiterate farmers in the Kabul region. Among other things, we have planted about 20,000 apple trees. After some time the yield of the apple trees began to decline. Thanks to lessons in (re) pruning the trees it was shown that the (apparently quite drastic) pruning of the trees yielded a doubling of the harvest. "Seeing is believing" and "Learning by doing" is the motto here. And, moreover, the introduction of poultry and soft fruit production can immediately lead to a huge increase for the farmer of his own food security as well as the income and health of his family.



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